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Doña Tomasa´s canned food
Special selection anchovy "00" spring selection 10 pcs 32,00€
Hansa coastal anchovy in vinegar 10 pcs 21,00€
Galician mussels in pickled sauce limited edition 4/6 pcs 25,00€
Peppers roasted in wood "al moscatel" with bonito and red onion 15,00€
Razor clams in EVOO 5/7 pcs 15,00€
Miniatures / Tapas
Oyster Spéciale "L'exquise" with a touch of our manzanilla's bloodymary 5,50€
Gilda anchovy from Santoña with olive, chili pepper and our vermouth 5,50€
Grilled artichokes with a base of garlics and chili pepper, ham sand and mujol 5,50€
Pastrami brioche mustard vinaigrette, gherkin chutney and parmesan 6,00€
Torta of alboronía marriage of anchovies and anchovy with a mayonnaise of its vegetables 6,00€
Chapata of tuna belly with fried garlic, rocoto mayonnaise and comté cheese 6,00€
Roasted free range chicken Bao Bun roasted with mojo canario 6,00€
Homemade puff pastry with oxtail 6,00€
Premium beef hamburger (Galician blonde) with red onion in red wine and truffled Pekin mayonnaise and cold Parmesan tile 10,00€
Cold starters (Perfect for sharing)
Avocado canelon roasted mango and lightly smoked salmon mousse 21,00€
Foie mi cuit marinated with tangerine and foie to oport 20,00€
Wild sea bass ceviche marinated in Tiger's Milk 20,00€
Truffled salad with fresh truffles cherry tomato with Provencal, Red tuna sashimi and egg 63 degrees 23,00€
Fresh red tuna tataki with piparras emulsion, tupenade and potato foam 21,00€
Fresh seasonal red tuna tartar with wakame seaweed and soya mayonnaise 23,00€
Steak tartar national premium cow 24,00€
A bit of cooked… (Perfect for sharing)
Our spanish omelette with foie and caramelized onions 20,00€
Lazy tortilla of spider crab and prawns in garlic sauce 20,00€
Sautéed boletus with reduced lamb juice and truffle egg 21,00€
Grilled octopus with potato foam, green asparagus and paprika oil 21,00€
Baby squid, potato, poached onions and its ink stew 21,00€
Scarlet shrimp carbonara with juice reduced from their heads 22,00€
Premium sirloin medallion (national beef) with chanterelle sauce and foie gras 26,00€
Pork cheeks with Pedro Ximenez 16,00€
Bull's tail stewed with mustard roast potato and glazed chives 21,00€
Stewed venison with oloroso sanluqueño 16,00€
Cheeses platter Glass Ración
3 cheeses platter 15,00€
5 cheeses platter
With its garnishes and according to different origins, types of milk and animal. Daily selection by the sommelier and team.
VERTICAL blue cheeses of the world platter 18,00€
PREMIUM cheese platter (of extraordinary uniqueness by technology and origin) 20,00€
AFINADORES cheese platter (artisan cheese ripener) 12,00€
1. White EL GRIFO SECO, Malvasia (Lanzarote) 5,00€
2. Medium EL CONTRABANDISTA, Amontillado Blend (Jerez) 5,00€
3. Dry TRASAÑEJO 30 years old, Mountain Malagueño 5,00€
4. Vin Santo Di CAMIGNANO 2012, Toscana (Italia) 5,00€
5. Quinta DA CORTE LBV 2014, Vinho Do Porto 5,00€
Desserts Media Ración
Soft cheese from Málaga cheesecake 9,00€
Rice pudding in the traditional style 7,00€
Crema catalana 7,00€
Four chocolates in different textures 7,50€
Wine tastings by glass Media Ración
Wine menu "PAGOS": 3 glasses of wine 18,00€
Wine menu "TERROIRS": 5 glasses of wine 30,00€
Wine menu "PARCELAS": 7 glasses of wine 42,00€

Service of cutlery, triple fermented gran reserva bread, selection of extra virgin Andalusian olive oils and handmade artisan butter with Asturian flavour, La Secada-Siero. + 2,50€/p